Prof. Nilsson

Cardsharp and speaker


Find the lady

3-card monte is not a game, it’s robbery. If you choose the right card, they still take your money.

You’ll find the game on the streets of most big cities – you’re supposed to find the black lady or the little paper ball under the match-box.

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Bar bets

Five sure-fire bar bets to help you hustle free drinks and lose old friends.

I’ll bet you $10 that I can drink your Martini without touching the glass and without using a straw...

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Online poker

The two biggest threats in online poker are collusion and poker bots.

A little knowledge is definitely a dangerous thing if you’re trying to protect yourself against poker cheating. New methods and technologies appear all the time.

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Roulette has to be one of the world’s most depressing games. You put your money on the table and the casino takes it away from you. There is no winning strategy.

But if the roulette wheel is biased, you could win big...

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Blackjack – card counting

It is possible to win at blackjack by counting cards, but most fail. Find out what it takes.

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Mentalism as entertainment and fraud

Mentalism is a form of magic that simulates super-natural phenom­ena such as mind reading, psycho­kinesis, predictions, clair­voyance, and thought control.

A mentalist uses esentially the same tech­niques as more tradi­tional magicians and illu­sionists. Mentalists, however, often claim to use hypnosis, body language, intui­tion, sublim­inal influence, NLP (neuro-linguistic program­ming) or the like.

This is almost never true, but should be seen as part of the perfor­mance, a kind of “fakelore” created to enhance the ambi­ence and boost the artist's reputation.

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