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Bar bets

5 sure-fire bets to help you hustle free drinks and lose old friends.

Most of these bets are harmless pranks to play on friends and co-workers. But some are truely evil and may cost you a good friend. Don’t blame me if you get into trouble.

1. “I can drink without touching the glass”

Dry martini

Bet: I’ll bet you $10 that I can drink your Martini without touching the glass and without using a straw.

Payoff: Simply grab the glass and empty it. It will cost you $10, but so what. The drink was $20, your friend paid $10 of that, and you got to drink it all.

2. “I can make it land on its side”

Book of matches

Bet: I’ll bet you that I can drop one of these matches from two feet high and make it land on its side.

Payoff: Give the match a good bend in the middle and you can’t miss.

3. “I can drink faster than you”


Bet: I’ll bet you the next round that I can drink three pints of beer before you can down three small shots. You have to give me a one-beer head start and neither of us can touch the other person’s glasses.

Payoff: Drink your first beer and place your empty glass upside-down over one of your friend’s shots. Since they’re not allowed to touch your glass, you’ll have plenty of time to finish your other two beers.

4. “I can drop seven coins into this glass”

Drop of water

Bet: I’ll bet you I can drop seven coins into this glass with­out spilling. You don’t believe me? OK, for every coin above seven, you buy me a beer.

Payoff: You’ll be surprised to find that you can drop as many as 15-20 coins into a full glass before it spills over. (Make sure the brim of the glass is dry.) If someone takes this bet, you may end up seriously drunk.

5. “You can’t stand still”

Dance floor

Bet: I’ll bet you can’t stand still in the middle of the dance floor – by the time I’ve walked around you three times, you will have walked away from your spot. If not, you pay for the drinks. I won’t hurt you in any way. Honestly, I won’t even touch you.

Payoff: Simply sit down and leave your former friend standing in the middle of the floor.