Prof. Nilsson

Cardsharp and speaker

The professor cheats at poker

Invite your guests to an unusual meeting where they get to experience what it’s like to play cards and win every time.

The Cardsharps, Caravaggio (c. 1594)
The Cardsharps, Caravaggio (c. 1594)

The show is a perfect conversation starter that will help people loosen up. It’s intriguing entertainment suitable for everyone, not just card players, and an experience your guests will talk about for a long time.

You’ll get a close-up view of poker bluffs, card changes, and false shuffles when the professor shows some of the secret tricks used by shady card players and street swindlers.

No one loses their money, but everyone learns how to protect themselves against fraudsters. It’s fun to be fooled by Prof. Nilsson – he makes people smile even when they lose.

Who is the professor?

Stefan Nilsson
Photo: Christer Gummeson

In everyday life Stefan Nilsson is professor of computer science at KTH in Stockholm, but he’s also an inspiring speaker and accom­plished magician spe­cial­izing in crooked gambling.

Stefan has been performing professionally since 2002 in a variety of venues – from Court of Appeal to Biker’s Club – and always had the pleasure to meet with laughter, smiles, and astonished faces.

Make a safe bet

The show is cancelled. Try to contact Whoops Entertainment instead.